Who We Are

eBatiz and Associates is a group of proven traditional and new media professionals who have come together to provide our clients with unique solutions based on converging old and new media tactics.

From decades I’ve worked with award-winning pros to develop many comprehensive and, when appropriate, fully integrated communications services that converges traditional and new media solutions.

This convergence approach powers all of our advertising campaigns, lead generation tactics and fulfillment services. Our goal: to coordinate all communication touch-points and generate quick results at a fraction of the cost.

We are able to do this because we have all the necessary marketing skills, and a strong, distinctive and diversified culture. We function as the 21st century full-service agency providing our Clients a single point of contact and accountability.

Our media convergence approach works because today, revenue from digital is 47% and by 2015 it will account for 57% of revenue – thus making digital the new norm and the primary source of revenue for online-driven companies.


SOURCE: Ernst & Young 2013 / Digital Agility NOW!