Multicultural Marketing

The U.S. Multicultural Market is increasingly becoming the new General market. Researchers forecast that 100% of the growth over the next 5 years for Walmart and retail category overall will be driven by multicultural consumers. That’s why  eBatiz+Associates has the personnel, data, traditional and digital media expertise to help you navigate this changing landscape. We can provide successful case studies and create innovative concepts to grow your business. The numbers don’t lie: Multicultural audiences have taken the lead in Social Media usage and mobile technology adoption rates. For example: 28% of Twitter Internet users are African-Americans, 12% are Hispanic-Americans, and 10% are Asian-Americans. That’s why at eBatiz+Associates TRANSCREATION© Translation Division can translate your website, videos or Landing Pages into 10 languages!


SOURCE: 2010 U.S. Census, Updated 2013; Conscore, 2013