Chat and Click to Call

Service Description

Customers today expect fast responses and quick resolutions. With Web Chat & Click To Call you can give them faster answers to their questions, at a lower cost to you. eBatiz+Associates help online shoppers and e-Business owners communicate on-site without leaving the page or the site. Because it is all done in real-time – easy and convenient for both customers and sellers – transactions are completed fast and more sales are made. This is crucial to controlling abandonment rates.Our Chat & Click To Call programs provide your customers with details on products or services in a real-ltime environment: literally at the click of a button.

With chatting online you can not only increase sales and reduce shopping cart drop out, but also improve online customer service, have more satisfied customers and generate more value form your online presence. Here are two ground-breaking Chat * Click To Call assignments that delivered results beyond our clients’ expectations:


• In the first year of Chat implementation Online goals were met in 1st Quarter.

• By adding “Live Chat” capabilities, “Live Push” technology, and professionally trained moderators, the Navy’s recruiting website became the #1 resource for recruitment information.

• The Navy reported 100,000 hits a month to their website – that’s nearly 3,000 hits per day! 

• Chat Moderators talked to over 800 web browsers each day, and the increase in leads resulted from these communication solutions –  nearly doubling in the first 2 years of our service.

• The United States navy capitalized on these services for recruitment programs, and showed 100% success in usability.

• The navy met their recruitment goals every year since. 



• We build a fully-integarted digital strategy in English & Spanish.

• Implemented and monitored rules of engagement.

• Developed specific bilingual Landing Pages.

• Reduced Google PPC AdWords from $400K ta month to $60K.

• Generated Chat sales of $30 million a year.

• Generated eCommerce sales of $30 million a year . 

EDDIE / JAIME: Use napoleon Barragan’s “testimonial text” somewhere: Our web based sales increase over 600%.